Wu Song

Wu Song, nato nel 1962 a Chongqing, China, dove vive e lavora. Diplomato alla Accademia di pittura del “Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” (SFAI) e presso la “China Academy of Fine Arts” (CAFA). Docente al Sichuan Fine Arts Institute dal 2000. Decano dal 2004 al 2012 presso la Graduate School of SFAI.

Solo Exhibitions
2012    Wu Song Works / Italia Camera dei deputati / Palazzo Altieri. Roma -A.B.I
2012    Chinese Ink Painting: Change and Growth IV/ Himalayas Art Museum/Shanghai
2011    Nuove Avanguardie Cinesi / Doppia Ink Mostra Personale / National Art Museum of China / Regione Lazio Assessorato alla cultura Arte e Sport/Ambasciata del Portogallo in Italia/Istituto Portoghese di ’S Antonio in Roma/Rome University of Fine Art  
2010    Reflection on Water & Ink Painting under Contemporary Context / Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
2010    Avanguardie Cinesi alla “Manzū” di Aprilia Doppia ink mostra personale / Con il Patrocinio del Comune di Aprilia
2007    99 Galerie, Germany
1996    Galleria Sagittaro 2, sponsored by Vatican Museum and Bologna culture association, Artwork Autumn collected by British Museum
1981    Memories of Tibet / printmaking on clay/ SFAI
Group Exhibitions
2013    55th Venice Biennale
2012   Art Exhibition of FESTIVAL CROISEMENTS 2012/Consulat général de France à Chengdu、Chengdu MOCA、Institut Français/ WuSong、Zeng Nine(France)、Zhang Xiaotao、Pierre Coulibeufet (France)
2012    4th Guangzhou Triennial /Disenchantment of Chinese Imagination, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition / Art Museum of Guangdong Province.
2008     Figure Paintings: WU SONG and his Graduate Students (Figure Painting Course Analysis)/ SFAI
2008    The 23rd Asia International Art Exhibition China/Guangzhou University Town Art Museum.
2007    China Contemporary Art/ 1979—2007 Museum Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce / Genova, Italy
2004      “Bi-Ci” (cultural exchange project of China-France Culture Year / Toulouse / Chongqing
1999    1st Genoa Asiart Biennal, Italy / Museum Arte Contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova, Italy
1995-06    Ten Thousand Miles of Yangtse River / multi-medium works, including 130 meters’ sketches, paintings on canvas, texts, photographs, videos and installations.
1995    Awarded 6th Bingxin Excellent Books for Children (illustration)/Beijing
1993    Prize of Republic Italy / Poland Art Gold Cup Exhibitions &Awards/ Florence Italy
1989     7th National Exhibition of Fine Arts(Shanhaijing/ illustration )/ Beijing
1985    1st National Gouache & Watercolor Exhibition / Beijing, Hangzhou
2009    Art Experience / Art Publishing House of Hebei Province
2012   Judge / Generating Ideas @Asia on The Edge 2012 / Old Parliament House Limited of Culture Department / Singapore.
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